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Pearl Curran and Patience Worth


The Ouja board has been the beginning step in several famous cases of mediumship and channelling. In 1913 an Ouja board put St Louis housewife  Pearl Curran into contact  with a seventeeth-century English spirit who called herself  Patience Worth. In 1919 Steward White and his wife  Betty, were introduced to entities called the "Invisibles" and In 1963 Jane Roberts and her husband , Robert Butts, began Ouja Experiments that led to contact with the entity Seth. In all these three cases the Ouja activity began casually, almost a lark. Once the entities revealed themselves, communication advanced to automatic writing and use of vocal chords.


Pearl and Patience together wrote several novels including Telka, The Sorry Tale, Hope trueblood, The Pot upon the Wheel, Samuel Wheaton, An Elisebethan Mask as well as several short stories and many poems. 


In 1916, Casper Yost published Patience Worth: A Psychic Mystery. In the book, he did not come to any definite conclusion but considered the case  of Patience worth to be inexplicable by any naturalistic theory. He was open to the spiritualist hypothesis. A throrough investigation of the case was consucted by the psychic researcher  Walter Franklin Prince, who published in 1927 his book The Case of Patience Worth, which was a voluminous report of 509 pages covering the Patence Worth case from its inception in 1913 to about 1927, publishecd by the Boston Society for Psychical Research. Prince concluded his investigations by stating, "Either our concept of what we call the subconscious  must be radically altered, so as to include  potencies of which we hitherto have had no knowledge, or else some cause operating through but not originating in the subconsciousness of Mrs. Curran mudt be acknowledged.


The parapsychologist Stephen E Braude has also examined the case of Patience Worth and his conclusion based on the theory of mainstream western science and our own concepts of the nature of reality can be found on