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Nidaba Publishing 2019
"Muhajir" by Baba Ajam
This is the true story of Aroshani, a Sri Lankan girl who first moved to the Middle East to be a housemaid and finally ended in Finland, a country in the northernmost part of Europe, as a registerd nurse. Her journey was a real odyssey filled with different countries, good and bad prople, dangerous and miraculous events, even narrow escapes from the clutches of pimps and ISIS militants. The story reads like a fiction novel or a film script, but is based on facts. It has much to say in the way of advice and insight to all those who are faced with the dedcision to migrate or not to migrate, it truthfully portrays  the working conditions of migrant workers in The Middle East, the difficulties the loosening of family ties of immigrant workers during their long stay in foreign countries inevitably leads to. This is not all: the book has a spiritual and a mystical dimension, the author contemplates on the human condition against the Buddhist background of its leading character. The book is illustrsted with 70 color photos of the people that appear in the text (while their true identities are hidden) and of the actual places where the events of the book occurred.
166 MB
Price: 15 Euros
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Bahrain Insect Portraits is neither a complete introduction to the entomofauna of Eastern Arabia, nor a complete sourcebook representing Bahrain’s Insect world. The aim of this photography book is mainly to show the reader some of the most fascinating insect species still existing on Bahrain island and encourage people to protect and respect Bahrain unique nature. It is also an entomological field study carried out in a limited geographical area in Bahrain.
Image data for this book was collected from Awali village and the nearmost desert. Awali residential area was founded already in the 1930s by the Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) and is situated just north of Bahrain’s oil fields and southwest of the country’s oil refinery. Awali has been a green spot already 80 years in a middle of a sand desert where originally only a few species of plants were able to survive without irrigation. Parks, gardens and agricultural areas always attract insects. Later some new green areas were developed inside Awali ( Princess Sabeeka’s park) and in the vicinity of that (The Royal Golf Club and Riffa Views compound). Thus, this text also proves that human influence might have a positive impact value in deserted areas after starting irrigation and planting projects.

When completing this study, Insect fauna in Awali appeared to be a combination of endemic and imported species as well as different insect pests. It was confirmed, that biodiversity in Awali was still quite high but understandably nowadays many insects there are fully dependent on irrigation and human co-operation.

“Bahrain Insect Portraits” is an eBook with 130 high quality digital photographs with detailed legends. Bahrain insect fauna is still poorly investigated and many migratory species exist there as well. Thus, this eBook is a useful tool not only for amateour biologists but also for nature lovers and schoolchildren in Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Eastern part of Saudi Arabia in order to familiarize them to the basic ecology in the Arabian desert, as well as the most common desert insects in Eastern Arabia.
Bahrain Underwater Portraits:
PDF-format /117 MB
Bahrain Insect Portraits:
135 pages/ PDF format / 11.2 MB
Price: 10 Euros
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 Bermuda's Fairy Kingdom - Teachings of Norina, The Fairy Queen, is an eBook directed to all people who are living in Bermuda or only visiting this beautiful island in the middle of The Atlantic Ocean, as tourists. It is also useful for everybody who, is interested in the original nature of the country, ecology, nature religions and the other dimendions of existence.
   This text is strongly based on facts but also on author's personal experiences and intuitive outlook on Bermuda's unique nature. The aim of the story is to help the reader to see the interconnection of all living beings  and highlight the Gaia principle, which proposes that organisms interact  with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to form a self-regulating , complex system that contributes to maintaining the conditions for life on the planet. Except this, the book also reveals the hidden worlds behind the scene. Several worlds probably exists and part of them may overlap or may be  contained inside each others. It is also possible that other sentient and intelligent beings - different from our own race - colonize these worlds, beings whose ultimate meaqning, goal, and secret is not yet clear to us.
   In the old days Bermuda was a beautiful place to live, more bare and simple than nowadays, but in many respects also more unique with the cedar forests and unpolluted beaches. Nowadays everything is changing: Land use is increasing all the time. Cars were not allowed in Bermuda until 1946, but during the last few years the number of cars and other motor vehicles is increasing  very rapidly. We have now reached saturation point for the quality  of life and efficiency and any more development might tip the scales, with congestion and concrete outweighing our natural treasures of green spaces  and clear waters, where people can engage in leisure time and feel good..
   According to the Fairy Lore, Fairies and elemental spirits  represent  the original nature, try to maintain that, and work for everything which is fresh and green or developing and growing in the nature.Thus, in our days, there is an irrevocable conflict between the fairy folk and human beings on Bermuda Islands. Life is a network of counterforces and nature spirits try to maintain this balance now without result.  The teachings of Queen Norina are directed to us humans in order to help us again recall the everlasting and unchanging laws of nature, which were self-evident to our ancestors. She also tries to shake us awake from our dangerous slumber in hope that fungi, worms, bacteria and viruses are not witnessing the extinction of human race when we finally have destroyed  our environment and completely supressed  those forces that maintain life.
   The basic version of this book is in PDF-format. The text is followed by commentaries and 163 natural photographs of a high level. Most of them have been taken underwater. Original photographs with full resolution are for sale and will be delivered to the customer when requested.
First published in Finland  by Nidaba Publishing 2013
Copyright (text and photographs):  Jouko Kärkelä and Nidaba Publishing
ISBN: 978-952-67929-0-
38 MB / PDF-format
Price: 10 Euros
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Available from Karisma Films: "Underwater Memories" (download)
Film information:
- Release: December 2016
- Genre: Nature documentary film
- Running time: 23 minutes
- Created by: Filming and film direction: Jouko Kärkelä (Nidaba Publishing);
  Studio and editing: Markus Kosonen (Karisma Films)
- Locations: Finland, Bermuda, Bahamas, Bahrain, and Oman (Musandam
- Trailer: YouTube, Distrify and ( see links section)
- DVD version: available
- Original file deposit copy: ELONET:
This video is also available as a DVD from Karisma Films.